We are calling on all Community groups, Political Group/Parties and members of the public to come out and support your Fire-Fighters, outside Bray Fire Station on 13 th April, 2011 (11am-4pm). They are protesting, under Health & Safety against the policies operated by Wicklow County Council, these policies (call-vetting) have been in operation over a number of years and would have culminated in the tragic episode in 2007.


On September 2007 the Fire Service lost forever, two of its brothers, Mark O'Shaughnessy (26) and father-of-15 Brian Murray (46), and Bray lost two of its sons while fighting a blaze at a disused factory. The families have always maintained that the deaths were not the result of an accident, but the consequences of policies pursued by the council.

Representatives of both families have been told by Bray Gardaí that the Director of Public Prosecutions felt there was sufficient evidence to bring charges against the council, but not against named individuals. Family Spokesperson Darren Murphy, who has been campaigning on their behalf, said it was “shocking” that no charges were brought against any individuals in the council, as there had been repeated warnings about the alleged underfunding of the fire service in Bray over a lengthy period of time.

I.F.E.S.A feels there is a serious risk to the public due to these policies, and Oldcourt Estate in Bray is yet another example, where there have been many needless fire deaths (200 meters from Bray Fire Station). These policies are implemented under the guise of Wicklow County Council, but by the Chief Fire Officer and the County Manager.

Due to the above reasons, we are calling for an independent inquiry under the power of the Minister of the Environment, Mr. Phil Hogan, to nominate a Dail Committee to carry out an investigation on the actions of Wicklow County Council, we are also calling for, without prejudice for the Chief Fire Officer and County Manager to be placed on leave while this investigation is been conducted.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of our deceased colleagues and deceased members of the public.

John Kidd

National Secretary IFESA

Vice President EFFUA

IFESA Information